Aircraft Commerce - Is There A Market For 777 PTF Conversions

Source: Freight Business. Published June/July 2016.

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PTF Conversions - All Action

Source: STAT Times. Published September 2015.

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Freighter fleet development and the demand for aircraft

Source: Aircraft Commerce February/March 2015

The global freighter fleet has developed over the past decade. Aircraft Commerce has analysed air cargo growth and fleet development trends from the past 10 years. The fastest growing markets, and the most popular conversion and new freighter programmes are identified. Forecasts for future air cargo demand are considered. The analysis identifies the aircraft types most likely to be converted or produced as purpose-built freighters in the future…

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Feast and Famine

Source: Airline Cargo Management March 2015

Not even falling oil prices have tempted anyone into a Boeing 747 conversion, as spare production freighters remain in abundance. However, the narrowbody market is becoming ever more competitive, finds Ian Putzger…

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The Grand Old Duke - Converting Idea to Reality

Source: Airline Cargo Management March 2015

Confidence is returning to the freighter market but this is not yet reflected in growing order books for widebody freighter conversions, with the Air Cargo Management Group describing demand as 'virtually extinguished'…

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The belly freight capacity of widebody passenger aircraft

Source: Aircraft Commerce December 2014/January 2015

The share of airfreight carried in the belly holds of passenger aircraft has increased since 2008. The belly capacity of widebody aircraft is analysed and compared to dedicated freighters. Future trends in belly freight and its impact on main deck cargo are considered here. …

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Cherry-picking A330s for conversion to freighters

Source: Aircraft Commerce October/November 2014

The A330 family has been Airbus' most successful widebody programme, with more than 1,000 aircraft delivered since the first aircraft entered service in 1994.…

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Airbus, Boeing freighter demand forecasts optimistic, says P2F company

Source: Leeham News November 2014

I have mapped out below the last five years of OEM forecasts (Boeing World Air Cargo Forecasts and Airbus Global Market Forecast data) on widebody conversions calibrated against the actual widebody aircraft conversions redelivered and the current respective order books…

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LCF - The Game Changing Conversion

Source: LCF Conversions July 2014

LCF Conversions which is headed by former BAE Systems Executive Cliff Duke, has proposed a freight conversion solution that can be implemented in any third generation Medium Wide Bodied (MWB) Airbus and Boeing passenger aircraft…

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Narrowbody & widebody converted freighter build costs

Source: Aircraft Commerce June/July 2014

Airlines looking to expand thier freighter fleets or replace ageing aircraft have two main options. They can buy new-build factory freighters from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or perform…

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Lessor sees A380 as future freighter

Source: Flight International May/June 2014

A380 leasing specialist Amedeo believes an A380 passenger-to-freighter (PTF) conversion could be developed a decade from now, and it may use an internal lift system for loading containers to each deck rather than conventional maindeck doors and…

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Converting the A340 - The case for an innovative A340 passenger to freighter (p2f) conversion programme

Source: Airline Economics March/April 2014

The A340 is one of the third generation Medium Wide Body (MWB) passenger aircraft (along with the A330 and B777)that deliver all the third generation benefits of economy, performance, low noise and…

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A330P2F versus the A330 & A340LCF

Source: Freight Business / January 2014

The revenue-generating capacity and relative strengths of two different conversion concepts are examined here…

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Payload Asia 2013 Challenging the (conversion) status quo

Source: Payload Asia / October 2013

Low Cost Freighter (LCF) Conversions offering provides a viable and much cheaper option than currently available…

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Cargo Facts Asia 2013 Widebody overview trends

Source: Cargo Facts / May 2013

With yields being driven down by the availability of cheap belly capacity, conversions of modern widebodies [are] too expensive to be justifiable…

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Freighter Conversion's Split Personality

Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology / January 28 2013

The market for turning passenger aircraft into freighters differs dramatically for narrowbodies and widebodies…

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Giving Freight a lift

Source: Aerospace International / February 2013

Converting passenger airliners into cargo aircraft can be a costly and time consuming business. However, LCF Conversions is marketing a low-cost option that could provide a competitive alternative to conventional P2F conversions…

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The Belly Freighter

Source: Air Cargo News article January 28th 2013

Can airlines be persuaded to look at freighters in a different way - to see them not as providing extra maindeck lift, but as supplemental belly capacity?…

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New Initiative

Source: Burges Salmon Annual review 2012

A cross-border initiative that is set to change the way the global air freight industry operates has drawn on the legal expertise of a multi-disciplinary team at Burges Salmon.…

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Heavy Burden

Source: World Airliners / October-November 2012

In less straitened times, the delivery of Boeing's 50th 747-400 freighter conversion in July would have been cause for celebration. But the arrival of the aircraft at Evergreen International airport in July must have been a bittersweet moment for the US air framer, as it was also the last in its current order-book…

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English Eccentric Takes On Boeing

Source: Cargo Facts / October 2012

English eccentric takes on Boeing: The English are known in Europe - and possibly further afield - for their eccentricities. But if not quite a mad inventor, there is certainly a new personality in cargo conversions. Cliff Duke, CEO of LCF Conversions, has burst onto the market with a new idea…

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A340 gets a freighter lift

By Will Grahame-Clarke / September 2012

In nature, evolution fills an ecological niche if that niche can sustain it - and a similar principle applies to freighter conversions. LCF Conversions believes it has spotted a gap in the market with revolutionary twist which keeps costs down…

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Widebody freighter conversions

Source: Aircraft Technology Engineering & Maintenance / Issue 118 / June-July 2012

Badly hit by the global recession, the widebody freighter conversion market has been through a troubling few years and until the economy recovers the outlook remains poor. Nevertheless, there have been some interesting developments, including a new programme launch and a new freighter concept…

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A change is gonna come: A340 P2F conversion

Source: AFM (Airline Fleet Management) / Issue 78 / May-June 2012

Mary-Anne Baldwin investigates the introduction of a low-cost A340 passenger to freighter conversion programme, its revolutionary designs and the market for A340 conversions. According to IBA, residual values for the A340 have been disappointing. A number of A340–300s are approaching the end oftheir leases, meaning there will be feedstock available for freighter conversion – but without a conversion programme, values will…

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A340-300 LCF passenger-to-freighter conversion

Source: AIRCRAFT COMMERCE / Issue 81 / April-May 2012

LCF Conversions is looking for launch customers for the A340 LCF passenger-to-freighter conversion. The A340-300 LCF does not use a conventional main deck cargo door, and so provides a low-cost alternative to other medium widebody freighters such as…

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Low-cost A340 freighter scheme seeks launch customer

Source: Flight Global / 30th March 2012

Freighter modification specialists are scouting for a launch customer for an Airbus A340 cargo conversion initiative which would avoid the need to cut a large freight door in the fuselage…

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Does a Freighter Really Need a Large Main-deck Cargo Door?

Source: Cargo Facts / 23rd March 2012

That is the question being asked by the team at LCF Conversions and Seattle-based design and certification company ACE Corp. Together they are proposing a new low-cost freighter (LCF) conversion program, using a patented cargo loading concept. Cargo Facts was exposed to this out-of-the-box thinking when we met recently with Cliff Duke of LCF Conversions…

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