The B777–200 LCF is offered in two configurations: UL - Upper Lobe and GMF - General Market Freighter
without Upper Lobe

B777–200 LCF – UL

  • Supernumerary Area /
    Intercom /
    Emergency Equipment /
    Lavatory / Galley

  • Upper Lobe Forward Lift

  • Fwd Cargo Door
    CLS Modification

  • Forward Lift

  • Aft Lift

  • Aft Cargo Door
    CLS Modification

  • MD Cargo Loading System

  • Upper Lobe Aft Lift

  • MD Lights

  • Interior Configuration:
    MD Class “E” /
    Doors Deactivation /
    Window Plugs Optional

  • Systems:
    ECS / Smoke Detection /
    Water & Waste /
    Drain / Oxygen

  • Upper Lobe Powered CLS

  • 9G Barrier /
    Smoke Barrier /
    Acces Door


B777-200 LCF - GMF


B777-200 LCF Payload Range versus B767-300ERF


Loading and unloading times are comparable to main deck freighters. To see computer simulations showing the LCF lift operation and the loading sequences on the B777 conversion click here: Footage of the B777 loading sequence.