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The innovative LCF conversion programme builds on the inherent Lower Deck cargo capability of 3rd generation Medium Wide Body passenger aircraft, specifically the A330, the A340 and B777 fleets by extending their exceptional Lower Deck cargo carrying capability up onto the Main Deck (utilising the same pallets/containers that can be accommodated on the Lower Deck) without the complication and expense of installing a conventional large freight door. 

The LCF conversion is designed to make full use of the existing Lower Deck cargo doors to load conventional ULD pallets and containers onto the Main Deck and into the Lower lobe.

Today some 60% of all air cargo world-wide is transported in the Lower Deck of passenger aircraft and this percentage is growing. But it does not follow that the other 40% is incompatible with Lower Deck door dimensions; to quote one airline now moving out of dedicated freighter aircraft operations, “90% of our freighter cargo could have been carried in the Lower Deck”. The vast majority of air cargo can be configured for loading into an LCF freighter.

Two patented Main Deck LCF platform lifts move cargo between the Lower and the Main Decks - the lift platforms become an integral, load bearing part of the Main Deck floor during flight. See footage of the patented LCF Loading Platform:

Footage of the A340 and A330 Loading Sequence:

Footage of the B777 (with Upper Lobe) Loading Sequence: