The LCF concept readily adapts the entire A330 family aircraft to offer freighter capability.


A330 LCF

  • Supernumerary Area /
    Intercom / Emergency
    Equipment /
    Lavatory / Galley

  • Cargo Loading System

  • Fwd Cargo Door
    CLS Modification

  • Forward Lift

  • Aft Lift

  • Aft Cargo Door
    CLS Modification

  • MD Lights

  • Systems:
    ECS / Smoke Detection /
    Water & Waste /
    Drain / Oxygen

  • Interior Configuration:
    MD Class “E” /
    Doors Deactivation /
    Window Plugs Optional

  • 9G Barrier /
    Smoke Barrier /
    Acces Door

The A330 LCF offers highly competitive payload, volume and range at a significantly lower investment cost.

Loading and unloading times are comparable to main deck freighters. To see computer simulations showing the LCF lift operation and the loading sequences on the A330 conversion click here. Footage of the A330 loading sequence.