The LCF Fleet Capability

On the B777 fleet our plans are to initially offer the LCF conversion on the 777-200, 777-200ER and 777-300 variants with the GMF (General Market Freighter) LCF specification as standard and an option to to install an Upper Lobe (UL) which increases the available volume on the Main Deck to accommodate low density operations.(See the B777 LCF and the News web page for more details.)

On the Airbus widebody fleets LCF will offer conversion options on the A330 and A340 variants. See the A330 LCF and A340 LCF web pages and the News web page for more details.

The table below illustrates the potential LCF widebody freighter conversion capabilities, specifically their respective gross payload and average density with a full payload. The LCF conversion retains the full range capability of the donor passenger variant and if required, the airframe can be converted to a combi or back to all-passenger configuration.